Sarah and Etienne Wedding

Etienne and I wanted to send a little note filled with a lot of love and gratitude to you!  Thank you kindly for making the time to meet with us and more for welcoming us into your home and heart.  We left your home on Saturday evening giddy and filled with joy just knowing how lucky we are to have each other and  you!  We feel so confident in your ability to create for a beautiful, moving, and inclusive wedding that will fuse our backgrounds and families as one.

We’re so glad to know that our life s a married couple will begin at the start of ceremony, blooming and growing as you proceed through each milestone and stage.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and for blessing our union with your gift of love and compassion.  We are so excited that you will be instrumental in making our marriage beautiful.

With love and gratitude,

Sarah Mulnick and Etienne Luneau.