December 2010 Wedding

Dec. 10th 2010

Dear Rabbi Ross,

I found this email today, after a long time, when a relative asked me for a recommendation for a rabbi for an interfaith ceremony.  I realized I never reached out to thank you for your recommendation of Cantor Judy.  Thank you so much for giving us her name.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and my Indian in-laws, who had never seen a Jewish ceremony or a female officiant, were so impressed and still talk about it today.  Prior to finding Cantor Judy, we had met with a few rabbis who performed interfaith ceremonies, but either did so begrudgingly, and/or on the promise of the couple that they will raise their children Jewish and only Jewish (which I personally did not feel was anyone’s business but our own).  It was a blessing to find someone who not only performs interfaith ceremonies, but celebrates them.  She made us feel like our union was something beautiful rather than something fringe and disappointing, and she restored my faith in my religion and my community.  I now feel safe in the knowledge that there are synagogues out there that will not just “accept” my family and our choices, but will welcome and embrace us.

Thank you for Cantor Judy, and I hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday season.


Kerri Kivolowitz-Chugh